【Hotel Manyoutei】(ホテル万葉亭)Kinugawa Onsen, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture(栃木県日光市), Japan

I will introduce Hotel Manyotei, which is located in front of Kinugawa Onsen and has good transportation access . With a total of 72 rooms of various types, mountains rich in nature, the whistle of steam locomotives, the murmuring of a mountain stream, and proximity to sightseeing spots such as Tobu World Square, this is a tourist hotel full of charm.

Since 2017, it belongs to the BBH (BREEZBAY HOTEL) hotel group, and has received high evaluations in group contests. They value services that delight their guests and the spirit of hospitality that provides them. They want to please both repeat customers and first-time customers.

(Photo above) Happy hour from 3:00pm to 5:00pm (please check the website for details), all-you-can-drink drinks including alcohol, popcorn, and oden! By checking in early, you can spend your time leisurely and economically. There is also a kids corner where you can play freely.

In addition to dinner and hot springs, there are also services where you can spend your time freely. In the shared space (Photo above), manga, computers, and massage chairs are available. There are also activities that allow you to move your body, such as table tennis and badminton.

I will also introduce the essential hot spring (Photo above) and buffet (Photo below). When you come to a hot spring, you also want to relax in the 100% natural hot spring bath. Of course, the all-you-can-drink buffet is a free drink, so you can keep drinking from happy hour, so be careful not to drink too much! . I borrowed the photo of the hot spring and the buffet from the HP.

I introduced it in the digest, but considering the cost performance, it is a highly recommended hotel. It's a price that worries me, but I think that's why you can easily stay for multiple nights. The overseas staff will take the lead in providing friendly service. I think it's safe for you to be able to speak English. It shows the stance of valuing the staff in order to provide good service.


Unfortunately, the Kinugawa Onsen area doesn't have many places where you can go out and have fun at night, so it's important to be able to spend your time comfortably inside the facility and access to the sightseeing spots you want to visit. There are various ways to spend your time, such as natural scenery, hands-on activities that everyone can enjoy, and sightseeing such as visiting world heritage sites, so please refer to the following when planning your trip.


Tobu World Square : Less than 1 km (2 minutes by car, you can also walk!)

A large suspension bridge over the Kinugawa River : less than 1 km (you can also walk here!)

・Kinugawa river rafting spot : about 2 km

・Kinugawa Ropeway : about 3km

・Nikko Edomura (travel back in time to the Edo period) : about 3 kilometers

・Nikko Toshogu Shrine (World Heritage Site) : About 20 km (about 30 minutes by car)



・Kegon Falls (in front of Lake Chuzenji) : About 35 km (about 60 minutes by car)

Considering the weather and other plans, I would like you to fully enjoy Kinugawa Onsen and sightseeing spots.